My Top 48 Songs from whole AKB48(whole 48Franchise)

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  1. Pionner
  2. Ikuji Nashi Masquerade
  3. UZA
  4. Zero sun Taiyou
  5. Yume wa nando mo umarekawaru
  6. Kodoku na Runner
  7. Heart gata Virus
  8. Kataomoi Finally
  9. Hikaru Monotachi
  10. Doryoku no Shizuku
  11. Kaze wa Fuiteiru
  12. Manatsu no Sounds Good!
  13. Majijo Teppen Blues
  14. Jyuuryoku Sympathy
  15. Kimi wa Pegasus
  16. 1994-nen no Raimei
  17. Kimi wa Boku da
  18. Mokugekisha
  19. Kuchibiru Furezu
  20. Rain Day
  21. Yaritagariya-san
  22. 3seconds
  23. Synchro Tokimeki
  24. 10nen go no kimi he
  25. Yuuwaku no Garter
  26. Kitagawa Kenji
  27. Shonichi
  28. Beginner
  29. Seifuku no Mannequin
  30. Dear J
  31. Cry
  32. Naminoori Kakigoori
  33. Migi he magare
  34. Answer
  35. Tsuki no Uragawa
  36. Zatsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
  37. Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero
  38. Pareo wa Emerald
  39. Nante Ginga wa akarui no darou
  40. Lost the way
  41. Candle no Shin
  42. Nante Bohemian
  43. Ougon Center
  44. Tsuyogari Tokei
  45. Fui ni
  46. Flying Get
  47. Ue Kara Mariko
  48. Hashire! Bicycle!

DIY <33

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They’re mad at you.

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Hello, Mozart!

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New photos from a super guy on tumblr.

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Hope you like!!

Twilight Things

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Except from Breaking Dawn Part 2 was amazing. As Part 1 was really boring, Part 2 was OMG amazing.  Now I found some funny things on Twilight Wiki. I chose only few ones to show you but yet, so funny.

Alternative Endings to Breaking Dawn

  1. Irina comes back as a ghost and plagues everyone until Alice reveals herself as not only a psychic, but a exorcist-ish person too.
  2. Jacob gets bitten by Bella(turning him)
  3. Whilst on a trip to somewhere or another, it explodes and the heat of it kills everyone…incuding the VAMPIRES.
  4. A dragon comes and kill the Volturi, eats the Romanians, and then leaves.
  5. Jane finds an immortal child, she keeps and raises him as her own.

Why Aro’s an idiot(not mine, nothing is mine in these lists, but sometimes I agree)

  1. He looks like a cat with great big eyes
  2. He looks like a girl with long hair.
  3. After trying to kill all the Cullens, he still thinks that he’s Carlisle’s friend
  4. In books, he’s a pedophile, he kissed Jane

Why Jane should have died

  1. Jane’s a Psycho
  3. She loves to torture people with her power
  4. Jane slowy kills.
  5. Jane has nothinig to do in life besides hurting others.

Best death in movies

  1. Vasilii
  2. Royce King II
  3. Riley
  4. James
  5. Laurent

BEST QUOTES OF BREAKING DAWN (my choices out of fans’ best)

  2. Last Night was the best night of my existence ..
  3. “We’re finally the same temperature.”
  4. It’s like gravity your whole center shifts suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here you would do anything be anything she needs a friend,a brother,a protecter
  5. She was born, not bitten.

Me, You, Him (Song)

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Hi! That’s my song… The lyrics I wrote in 5 minutes… but I got inspired and this song is a dedication for the awesome actor Ian Somerhalder. Thank you, Ian for being so amazing always, being Damon or Boone or many others.

Me, You, Him

  1. I can’t say I don’t love you
    Baby, I really fell for you
    But between us,
    There’s one more point
  2. There’s someone else that owns my heart
    Oh, Baby, I love you too
    But, it’s Me, You, Him
    Ohhh, it’s just Me, You and Him
  3. He’s girls’ idol
    He’s so amazing
    But, do you know who’s him?
    Yeah, he’s Ian
  4. As I already said few times
    I love you my darling
    But, between us, there’s this point
    Him, his name is Ian
  5. Me, I can be named a super addicted to everything
    You, you’re sweetest boy
    But him, he’s awesome; Him
    Yeah, the amazing Ian
  6. With you two
    Being alive is so good
    With you both
    Heaven is a place on earth
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