Me, You, Him (Song)

Hi! That’s my song… The lyrics I wrote in 5 minutes… but I got inspired and this song is a dedication for the awesome actor Ian Somerhalder. Thank you, Ian for being so amazing always, being Damon or Boone or many others.

Me, You, Him

  1. I can’t say I don’t love you
    Baby, I really fell for you
    But between us,
    There’s one more point
  2. There’s someone else that owns my heart
    Oh, Baby, I love you too
    But, it’s Me, You, Him
    Ohhh, it’s just Me, You and Him
  3. He’s girls’ idol
    He’s so amazing
    But, do you know who’s him?
    Yeah, he’s Ian
  4. As I already said few times
    I love you my darling
    But, between us, there’s this point
    Him, his name is Ian
  5. Me, I can be named a super addicted to everything
    You, you’re sweetest boy
    But him, he’s awesome; Him
    Yeah, the amazing Ian
  6. With you two
    Being alive is so good
    With you both
    Heaven is a place on earth

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